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Hong Kong Days 香港地

Hong Kong Days aims at providing a local online shop platform for you. We are not only publicizing Hong Kong tradition, but also to give the Hong Kong's and worldwide lovers a shopping platform. Here we give you the brand-new concept of souvenirs.

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Hong Kong is a small but fabulous city. It had taken a different historical path, compared to the nearby cities. This has remarkably shaped Hong Kong. Hong Kong walked through Opium war, the colonial period under British rule and Japanese Occupation. The historical background has left Hong Kong with rich local characteristic. The souvenirs we provide not only with local features, but also bring you the stories of Hong Kong. You are bringing confidents and supports for our designers under the economy-driven society. Here, you can buy abundant souvenirs which are special with its historical and cultural features.

Cheung Chau in 1898.

Cheung Chau in 1898

Cheung Chau in 1898..

(Photo source by Internet)